Guidance You Can Count On
Every Step of the Way

Every day, Tabs3 and PracticeMaster users from around the country reach out to us for our expertise and assistance that cannot be found in software manuals, or with online help or a busy technical support department. Sure, we answer the basic questions, provide user training, and other standard support, that’s easy — and our clients will tell you that we do that better and faster than anyone.

But taking the time and steps necessary to lay out a successful and inclusive approach to common issues that rob a legal practice of time and revenue is something else.

If that kind of advice sounds expensive, try rationalizing the idea of writing off over a quarter of a million dollars. Or worse yet, accidently not billing another quarter of a million dollars. These are stories from our 25-plus years in the law firm services business.

You can use the best software and technology in the business, but unless an expert plugs the holes in your billing, accounting, and practice management processes, a law practice can expect to lose tens of thousands of revenue year after year.