Productivity and Profitability Begins

There are few things more important to the financial success of a law firm than making the best use of integrated software systems to manage the daily workload at the lowest possible cost. The latest technology related to time and billing, accounting, and case management systems is a vital part of this process.

Yet many firms never realize how the inefficient use of technology can increase costs and reduce the profitability of a law practice. Second guessing the time it really takes for everyone to complete their work, and the amount of billable time truly being captured by attorneys, is one way for a firm to reduce its profitability by tens of thousands of dollars each year.

While technology continues to advance, many law firms have not developed new methods to integrate all of their software applications into a more efficient and less costly workflow. In many respects, re-input of the same information from one system to another is the equivalent of paying the same utility bill over and over again.

The old saying “We have always done it this way” is often not good enough to prevent your firm from losing a significant amount of time and revenue each day. There is a better solution.

Since 1986, Resource Advisors for Computers Corporation has been showing law firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies how the selection and proper use of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster can save time, lower costs and increase profitability.

Our innovative approach to system design, training, software support and the creation of improved work -flow processes can benefit an entire law practice and not just one person, department or application need.

What is it worth to capture more billable revenue than ever before?

What is it worth to reduce your operating expenses?

What is it worth to have more time to practice law or build your practice?

What is it worth to turn the promise of technology into business success?