5 Benefits You Will Not Find on Your Maintenance Plan

The Top Five Benefits You Will NOT Find in a Software Company’s Technical Support Department

  • 1You won’t wait on hold:

    Our clients do not wait on hold or leave voice mails, but they do e-mail us with questions and often get a speedy reply with the right answer or a convenient time for a call back, often in less time than finding their way through a support queue.

  • 2 It’s past five o’clock and it’s Friday:

    We thrive on urgency around here and that is why we are available 24/7 to handle most requests. From a simple e-mail exchange to a full blown web-based repair, upgrade, or a custom need, we can get the job done, whether it is early in the morning, late at night, or the middle of a weekend or holiday.

  • 3Do you see that on your screen?

    Our support is phone and web based. Not only can we see what you are looking at, but we can also take the time to explain things and how to apply it to your practice based on your requirements. Not only will you see it, but you will understand it — better than by phone support alone.

  • 4What does it mean when there is $350,000 in the 180 day column of the accounts receivable report?

    Beyond the technical definition, it indicates that there may be a problem! What clients appreciate most about working with us is the fact that we care a lot about them personally and the success of their law practice. If we see a potential problem, we will say something and provide various options to consider — that in this particular case would cost hundreds of thousands less to fix the problem rather than ignore it. In the end, you decide if we should proceed further.

  • 5Turn to Page 53 in the manual:

    This is like going for the convenience of take-out only to be told to make it yourself when you go to pick it up. Our clients call us for lots of reasons. Referring you to, or reading to you from, the manual is not one of them.