6 Cost Saving Reasons To Automate With Tabs3

  • 1 Is the use of technology increasing your costs?

    Regardless of a firm’s size or specialty, all law firms need to account for their time, manage clients and cases, produce documents and monitor finances at the lowest possible cost. Yet the improper use of technology can quickly raise the costs for a firm to conduct its business. The proper use of technology and evolving development of your firm’s workflow is key to operating in a more efficient and profitable manner.

  • 2 How can the use of technology eliminate the benefit?

    There are many reasons why law firms unnecessarily increase their operating costs due to the improper use of technology that was supposed to solve a problem or application need. This is particularly true when staff members and attorneys are not aware of the tools and approaches that everyone is using to complete their work. For example, by giving each person a choice of how to record their time, prepare bills, track deadlines, assemble routine documents, create reports, etc., opportunities are created for unnecessary redundancy that can reduce a firm’s profitability by tens of thousands of dollars each year.

  • 3Would you pay the same bill twice?

    Yet many firms re-input the same information from one software application to another many more times than that without a second thought. It is a cost that can be amplified by a factor of ten or more when information used in the billing system is recreated again and again in many systems and functions including, accounting, case management, document production, e-mail, spreadsheets, databases; the list goes on and on at a tremendous and unnecessary cost.

  • 4 Value

    By choosing and properly using integrated time, billing, accounting, and practice management software from the same company you can end the re-input cycle once and for all. This simple concept will give you instant access to a seamless information gateway that moves vital case information from one person and function to another in a mouse click or two, in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days.

  • 5 What is it worth to have the kind of functionality in your systems that you were promised months or years ago?

    You have spent enough of your billable time and staff salaries trying to figure out how to make just one program work for yourself, let alone the expertise necessary to tailor a system and the workflow to fit the information and application needs for every member of your firm or practice.

  • 6 The missing link in the promise of technology has always been how to make a suite of software applications work around the unique needs of your firm.

    At Resource Advisors, our clients realize the enormous value of professional training and having their software programs and workflow custom tailored to fit their practice areas and unique culture. This is far more than can ever be obtained from a user manual, technical support department or even from someone “who knows software.”