6 Ways PracticeMaster Improves Conflict of Interest Capability

  • 1Integration Is Key For Comprehensive Conflict Checking.

    PracticeMaster shares client, fee, and cost information with Tabs3.

  • 2Custom Built Interfaces Reduces Time Spent With The Paper File and Conflict Checking Tasks.

    The interface can be custom designed to store and utilize all relevant contacts and organizations associated with a case. You control what information is included in COI checks.

  • 3Shouldn’t Your Emails, Documents, and Case Notes Be Part of Your COI System?

    E-mails from MS-Outlook related to a case can be easily copied to PracticeMaster (and billed for at the same time). These e-mails, along with any attachments, are indexed and can be included during the COI process.

  • 4Keep Outlook But Integrate With PracticeMaster

    Calendar information that originates in PracticeMaster can be integrated with MS-Outlook and can be included in a COI check.

  • 5Use WORLDOX

    When PracticeMaster is paired with a DMS (document management system) such as WORLDOX, all the documents stored in the DMS can be included in the PracticeMaster COI check.

  • 6Perform Complete COI Checks From One System

    Conflict checks performed in PracticeMaster take seconds to perform and have drill-down capability to the report record, saving significant amounts of time and providing the proper context in which a conflict may exist.