Automate Any Document

What would happen to your law practice if you could produce routine documents 40 to 60 percent faster and more accurately than existing methods and still maintain complete control of the final work product?

How about if that same document automatically triggered a “to-do” for follow-up in the firm calendar, a fee entry in your billing system, and a fully searchable indexed record in the document management system — from a single point of data entry?

Let’s assume that it normally takes one hour to produce a document, make all the related entries, and that your firm will use the same document 100 times this year. At a conservative gross labor cost of $20 per hour, that is a total of $2,000 to produce the same document for many clients.

Using automated document assembly and this specific example, your firm could have produced that document for less than $800 in labor costs. Yet this is only one example of many potential documents that your firm produces each day.

Document assembly begins with the process of converting documents you use most into templates. These templates contain variables or “code” that retrieve information from PracticeMaster data files.

Just about every day, Resource Advisors is busy turning our clients’ most frequently used documents into powerful and fully automated libraries that can be used immediately in a fraction of the time and expense used by existing methods.

Contact us today to learn how automated document assembly can produce immediate benefits for your firm or practice. Automated document assembly requires PracticeMaster Premier and Microsoft Word and starts at $159 per document.