Tabs3 and PracticeMaster – 30+ Years of Growth and Trusted Service

Since its inception in 1979, Software Technology, Inc., the maker of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster, has been developing, marketing, selling and supporting computer software for the legal industry.

The company’s goal is to provide law firms with the highest level of quality products and service.

Software Technology, Inc., was founded in 1979 and is privately owned. Since its first day of business, Software Technology, Inc. has required no financial backing or assistance. The company has been self-sufficient and profitable in each of its 30+ years of business.

The company’s first client is still using the software today. The first system was installed in November 1979 in the Lincoln, Nebraska firm of Keating, O’Gara, Davis & Nedved, P.C. The system included time and billing, trust accounting and docket control.

From 1979 to 1983, Software Technology, Inc., relied on word of mouth sales. Without any tangible marketing (other than a trade show or two), they managed to sell over 400 systems. By 1985, Tabs3 Billing Software had developed a name as an industry leader and Software Technology, Inc., added to their reputation by releasing Tabs3-Multi-User, one of the first multi-user systems for a local area network. Even though the company’s software was dependable and loaded with features, many firms chose not to automate their billing because of prior bad experiences with other software.

So, when the American Bar Association initiated testing of software for its members, Software Technology, Inc., decided to be the first on board. The company wanted to assure the legal community of its dedication to the legal market and confidence in its software by being the first to submit its software for testing by the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Advisory Council

In 1988, realizing law firms needed something more detailed and more feature rich than a basic calendar system, Software Technology, Inc. introduced PracticeMaster, a complete practice management system for both private practice firms and corporate legal departments. PracticeMaster was designed to allow attorneys to establish their own calendar criteria along with rule plans to track due dates, appointments, reminders and the like. Beyond calendaring, PracticeMaster handles client notes, performs document assembly and document history tracking, conflict of interest checking, statute of limitations reporting, and custom reporting. Most importantly, it allows users to define what information to track for each client and seamlessly integrates with other software applications and technology platforms.

Currently, there are over 400,000 user licenses between Tabs3 and PracticeMaster combined on the company’s annual maintenance program.