Other Tabs3 Products

Tabs3 Taskbill

Is the easy way to save Tabs3 billing information for electronic submission.

  • Save fee and cost information in electronic formats required by your clients.
  • Over 100 file formats and sub-formats supported.
  • Information required by some electronic formats is not found in normal Tabs3 fields. You can, however, use general text fields in Tabs3 Billing Software and Tabs3 Taskbill to handle this information

Tabs3 Cost Recovery Software

Lets you integrate your phone, photocopier, fax or online research with Tabs3.

If you manually enter costs for long distance charges, photocopies, legal research, etc., you should consider Tabs3 Cost Recovery Software. Tabs3 Cost

Recovery Software can save you hours of data entry time.

  • Import costs from your hardware into Tabs3.
  • Tabs3 automatically assigns costs to clients.
  • Export Tabs3 client names to related hardware, like your photocopier, for easy tracking.
  • Over 40 systems supported.
  • Software for each system costs $150.

ODBC Driver

Lets you export data from Tabs3 Billing Software, PracticeMaster, and Tabs3 Financial Software.

Using various third-party ODBC compliant applications such as Microsoft® Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Query, and Crystal Reports® Pro Report Writer you can the reports you need the way you want them.

CompuLaw Court Rules

Is the leading provider of rules-based legal calendar software.


Using CompuLaw Court Rules, PracticeMaster will help protect you from the second most common cause of malpractice claims — calendar-related errors that result in missing critical dates.


PracticeMaster can automatically schedule appointments and to-do’s based on CompuLaw’s jurisdiction specific court rules.


CompuLaw has been creating attorney-written court rules since 1986. Today, their rules sets are used in thousands of firms across the country. CompuLaw Court Rules are updated frequently throughout the year (during 2008, CompuLaw released 346 separate rules updates).