PracticeMaster Premier is award-winning practice management software that helps you find case, client and contact information and find it fast. PracticeMaster includes a firm-wide calendar, and tracking for online research, e-mail and phone calls. PracticeMaster easily converts appointments, e-mail, phone calls and research into time entries in Tabs3 Billing Software so you don’t need to remember to record them. PracticeMaster also integrates with other valuable programs, such as Outlook®, QuickBooks®, most smartphones and many e-mail programs.

A Firm-Wide Calendar Lets You Know Where Everyone Is.

PracticeMaster’s firm-wide calendar lets you view appointments for everyone in your firm by person, by client, or by event, even if you have multiple offices in different locations. You can color code appointments by employee or activity, as well as view calendars by day(s), week(s) or month. Save time by creating calendar plan templates that you can use over and over again for common projects that include several tasks (e.g., the 5 things you do when you add a new client). PracticeMaster also offers pop-up screen reminders and the ability to schedule recurring appointments. Security settings allow people to only view what they have authorized access for, such as appointments for certain attorneys or clients. PracticeMaster can integrate with Outlook when it creates its firm-wide calendar.

Quickly and Accurately Check for Conflicts of Interest.

Instantly and accurately identify conflicts of interests for your entire law firm by searching clients, contacts, appointments, e-mails, documents and meeting notes. In just one click, you can gain access to the details of any conflict. PracticeMaster offers flexible and accurate search methods, such as matching only partial words, matching one or all words, and phonetic searches. You also have the option of including documents and e-mail attachments in your search.

Store and Organize Detailed Client Information.

PracticeMaster is your electronic filing cabinet, storing vital contact information, such as phone numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail addresses for all of your firm’s clients. PracticeMaster also allows you to link documents and e-mails to your client records so you can find them easily. Instantly look up references to a person, including those in appointments, meeting notes and e-mail correspondence. Create and associate notes with a client or other contact. See a list of all people related to a case. Additionally, you can synchronize contact information with handheld devices.

Mobile Access.

Individuals can take client, case and calendar information with them to use on their laptops when they leave the office. They can access all information in the database as well as perform day-to-day activities while away from the office. Upon returning to the office, they can synchronize any changes, additions, or deletions that were made while data was checked out.

Assemble Documents with Speed, Ease, and Accuracy.

Use client, case and contact information to automatically create documents. You can customize documents, calculate amounts based on formulas you create, automatically create fees and expenses in Tabs3, and create calendar entries in PracticeMaster and Outlook while assembling documents. A document management record is created after each assembly, making it easy to retrieve the assembled document at any time.