Why Tabs3 is Right For the Times

Tabs3 Version 16.1 — Not Your Father’s Time & Billing System (But it could be.)

By Harry W. Salavantis
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30+ Years of Excellence & Innovation with the Same Owners

If you have been in the legal profession for some time, then you probably have heard about Tabs3, the flagship billing product from Software Technology, Inc. The company began 30 years ago in the heart of Lincoln, Nebraska, in the same building where more than 70 dedicated product development, technical support, and sales professionals work today. The same owners and some of Software Technology’s first employees who started with the company are still there, actively planning for new features in the next versions of Tabs3. The company is constantly researching the latest trends in legal technology and listening to its large customer base and national network of resellers for feedback on new features.  In today’s economy, 30 years is an extraordinary amount of time. Add to that  the fact that the company that owns the Tabs3 brand has always been privately owned and has never relied on outside financing of any kind. Kind of the way my father ran his business back in the day.

Decades Later: Same Users, Familiarity and Reliability

Tabs3 is used by thousands of solo to mid-sized law firms throughout the country. Many have been using the company’s suite of billing, accounting and practice management software since the early MS-DOS days. Since then, the company has released dozens of new releases and thousands of enhancements to its suite of legal specific billing, accounting, and case management software systems that run just as reliably as they did in 1979. Talk to existing users, search the Internet, or legal sites, such as TechnoLawyer.com, and you will be hard pressed to find negative reviews or comments about Tabs3 or the company itself. Those same users will also tell you that through every upgrade they have never lost data  or a favorite feature that was available in a prior version during the upgrade process.  A user that was familiar with Tabs3 10 years ago will still understand and be able to use Tabs3 today without having to learn a new interface.  Support and reliability have always been the hallmark of the developers of Tabs3.

Today, Tabs3 continues to be successful due to a program interface that has always been easy to understand, with flexibility throughout the timekeeping and billing process, and a host of robust features that will fit the needs of solo professionals and small to mid-sized law firms.

New Features Continue to Hit Their Mark Day after Day

In Version 16.1, the latest version of Tabs3, new features include the ability to securely process credit cards from within the software itself as a form of payment. The developers of Tabs3 selected First National Merchant Solutions — a top 10 payment processor in the United States with more than 50 years of credit card experience, to allow Tabs3 to seamlessly process credit cards within Tabs3. This solution requires no credit card processing equipment for the law firm and offers some of the lowest credit card processing rates in the nation. The Tabs3 Credit Card Authorization Module has been reviewed and accepted by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). As of March, 2009, Tabs3 is the only legal billing application included on the Security Standards Council’s List of Validated Payment Applications.

Tabs3 Version 16.1 also allows users the flexibility of outputting any report to a Microsoft Excel file and creating multiple PDFs from a batch of billing statements in a few keystrokes. Version 16.1 of Tabs3 also includes a new Top Client Report and a new Client Inactivity Report through the free copy of PracticeMaster included with Tabs3, giving users even greater insight into client productivity and profitability. This report allows firms to easily identify clients and cases with no activity in a specified time frame. The report helps prevent cases from falling through the cracks and lets users easily see cases that should be marked inactive. The new Top Client Report lets users view top clients or matters based on their preferred criteria from over 25 different indicators, including work-in-process, billed and paid information, write-offs, and more.  In addition to the output to Excel capability, users can now select and copy records from any list in Tabs3 and PracticeMaster and paste the contents into other programs, such as Excel and Word.

A Rock Solid Business Model in Uncertain Times

The makers of Tabs3 have used a highly successful business model of developing and supporting a superior suite of billing, accounting, and practice management software that has benefited tens of thousands of legal professionals throughout its 30-year history with little turnover or dissatisfaction among existing customer base. While many competing products and time/billing technologies have come and gone, whether it be a PC desktop or web-based model, few can compete with the reputation and longevity that Tabs3 still enjoys today.

Pricing for Tabs3 starts at $295 and includes product support and a fully integrated case management system called PracticeMaster.  Contact us today to learn why Tabs3 and PracticeMaster is the software program for the times.