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In the latest upgrade to Tabs3 Version 20.2.6 major enhancements have been made to the Tabs3 Matter Manager (Formerly Client Manager). This powerful feature set will benefit everyone that uses Tabs3 that needs quick access to matter information and histories. Matter Manger forms a central hub for all matter related and common billing tasks in a single page. The time savings from properly using these features will be significant.

  • View and edit all Matter information in a single click.
  • Quickly update contact information, phone numbers, email addresses, Misc. Lines, and Billing Notes.
  • View and expand on Accounts Receivable, Work-in-Process and Client Funds Information.
  • See all recent activity. Access all fees, costs, payments, statements, and client funds histories. Add new entries just as easily.
  • Generate a Draft or Final Statement and quickly access Email Statements.
  • Single-click access to the last billing statement, payments or the entire billing history. Clicking on a Statement from the Matter Manager in Tabs3 Billing displays a Statement Information window for that statement. The Statement Information window includes matter information, statement totals, a preview of the statement, and the ability to perform common tasks.
  • Perform Write-Up/Down and Write Off.
  • Update/Un-Update/Un-Bill Statements
  • Customize access the reports you want and need for frequent use.

Click on the video below to see the new Tabs3 Billing Manager in action.

Other enhancements include:

Time Zone Field – A Time Zone field has been added to the PracticeMaster Calendar allowing you to specify a time zone for events and tasks.

  • Expanded Fields – Several field lengths have been increased in the software such as the Work Description in the Tabs3 Client file, the Amount field in the Payment file, and the Statement Number field when generating statements.
  • Statement Enhancements – Cover Statement Continuation Layout in Statement Templates.
    • Custom Fields in Statement Designer Layouts.
    • Group PDF Output by Sort.
    • Optional Cover Statement when generating Statements.
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