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The Statement Manager allows you to see a list of statements to determine what has been billed and paid. Easily locate statements that have been final billed and updated. You can work with statements using the actions in the Quick Clicks pane, or drill down to the Statement Information window for additional information. A Search box is available to quickly locate information anywhere in the list, such as finding a specific statement number when you receive a check.

A Quick Clicks pane is available in the Statement Manager. Users familiar with PracticeMaster may recognize the functionality; however, this feature is new to Tabs3 Billing. Using the Quick Clicks, you can:

  • Take Action on one or more selected statement(s), such as reprinting a statement, make payments, writing off balances, or undoing updated statements.
  • Utilize a QuickView, which combines a Filter, Column Layout, and default sort into a customized view that you can easily switch to at any time.
  • Create a Filter to narrow down which records are displayed. Save filters for the whole firm to use, or just for your own use.
  • Change the Column Layout used, which modifies the columns shown in the statement list.
  • Customize your List Preferences to change how the list is displayed and Manage Quick Clicks to customize the contents of the Quick Clicks pane. Customization is saved for each user.

Click on the video below to see the new Tabs3 Billing Manager in action.

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