Resource Advisors is a Trusted Advisor for our clients. Our relationships with many of our technology partners span over thirty years. These are people and organizations that we personally know and have successfully engaged in hundreds of projects on behalf of our clients. They are the best of breed in the specialties in which they serve, with a common goal of exceeding expectations. We work closely with our partners on every project. From the introduction, to project implementation and beyond, we make sure everything is going as expected.

Over the past 30 years, one of the most troubling areas for our clients has been in the areas of obtaining great IT or maintaining billing and bookkeeping staff to fill the requirements of busy billing and bookkeeping departments.

If you are having trouble with your IT or maintaining reliable billing and bookkeeping production for your firm, contact us today.

How Resource Advisors Can Help?

  • In planning meetings, we gather information about your existing IT Infrastructure.
  • We work with your existing vendors to help you make the transition to great IT, a smooth one.
  • We review your existing billing procedures, volume, and bottlenecks in your work process.
  • We gather information about what your existing billing Invoices and Statements look like now, the way you review pre-bills, distribute final bills, and collect monies owed.

Contact us today, to learn more about how we can help.