ProductBIGFish BI – Intellimetrics LLC – Chesapeake Beach, MD
TypeWeb based user interface, on premise or cloud – MS SQL Server backend.
HighlightsOver 20 dashboards out of the box, integrated security, platform independent, self-service BI, compensation assist and profit models.
Time in Service – ClientsFirst installed in 2017. Clients ranging in size from 11-225 timekeepers.
IntegrationsFull Integration with Tabs3, Orion, Aderant ATO, Aderant Expert. (Others Pending)
Data ConversionCustom dashboards, data integration, web-based application development.

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BIGfish BI is a one-of-a-kind business intelligence platform designed specifically for small and mid-sized law firms.

  • Provides large firm reporting at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional systems.
  • Pre-built dashboards or create your own self-service modules.
  • Benefit from having just the information you need, in an easily digestible format, wherever you are.
  • Web-based architecture ensures portability and purpose-built data warehouse provides lightning fast results even against very large databases.
  • Two unique modules are provided to assist in areas firms generally spend countless hours of manual labor (partner compensation and profitability analysis).


BIGFish & Resource Advisors

How Resource Advisors Can Help?

  • In demos and planning meetings we ask the right questions and weigh system capabilities with requirements that are unique to you.
  • We review your existing reporting requirements and make sure the solution we propose will be right for you.
  • We provide detail timelines and expectations, while minimizing interruptions.
  • We provide targeted group training for various departments in your firm, to make sure everyone can use the system to its fullest capability.


BIGFish Analytics – Highlights

BIGfish BI enhances management’s ability to steer the practice through data driven decision making. Your financial and practice management systems contain a wealth of historical information. Leverage that asset with BIGfish BI.

  • BIGfish BI was developed to provide high end BI capabilities to small and mid-sized firms without the cost and complexity normally associated with these technologies.
  • Can be deployed in a fraction of the time required to install legacy law firm BI tools and at a greatly reduced cost.
  • Provides access to firm data that enables managers to make informed business decisions to guide the firm towards growth and profitability.
  • Unlike many BI tools, we provide over 20 dashboards pre-configured for your firm with the default implementation. This means your firm can start benefiting from powerful analytics from day one.
  • Be it top down management analysis or an individual attorneys book of business, BIGfish offers a complete set of fast, easy to understand dashboards.
  • BIGfish dashboards cover the spectrum of law firm metrics including effort, billings, collections, utilization, realization, profit, WIP, AR and matter inventory.
  • All dashboards support drill down and the ability to slice the data by standard dimensions including office, department, law type, client, matter, attorney, location, staff level, practice group etc. Our integrated security model ensures that users only see dashboards they have been granted permissions to.
Self – Service BI
  • Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) involves the business systems and data analytics that give business end-users access to an organization’s information without direct IT involvement.
  • Gives end-users the ability to do more with their data without having technical skills. These solutions are flexible and easy-to-use so that end-users can analyze data, make decisions, plan and forecast on their own.
  • Currently organizations are starting to see that data and content should be managed in an integrated enterprise approach. Enterprise information management brings Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management together. Operational Business Intelligence is currently under served and uncontested by vendors.
Compensation Assist
  • BIGfish BI can greatly simplify the process of compensation by creating a single export of information from the accounting system in a format suitable for the introduction to the external data.
  • Getting all common metrics into a single report almost always requires the accounting manager to run 5 separate reports and manually key all of these data points into Excel. The potential for introducing errors is high and the ever-present possibility that during the final numbers a payment/invoice or allocation will be found to be in error which requires all reports to be rerun and numbers manually re-entered. BIGfish BI solves this by just running a report based upon date range and getting all of these columns as well as calculations on these columns at a click of a button. This module stores monthly buckets of activity for every attorney who touched a case in any way.
  • Examples:
    • Billable hours worked
    • Collections by originating attorney
    • Collections by responsible attorney
    • Collections by working attorney
    • AR adjustments by responsible attorney
Profit Analysis
  • For most small to mid-sized law firms, solving the Profit Analysis question is a seemingly impossible challenge. Firms who have already gone down this path, recognize the challenge is both in definition and execution. BIGfish BI offers a variety of standard approaches as well as some best practices guidelines to make true profit analysis a reality. Examples:
    • Profit on Time Worked
    • Profit on Time Billed
    • Profit on Time Collected
Security – Administration
  • BIGfish BI provides an administrative portal for the administration of users. This security system allows for the creation of an unlimited number of user groups with security governing which dashboards and features are available to members of each group.
  • Firms can also define and maintain user definable fields at the client, matter or employee level. These custom fields can be incorporated in custom dashboards as columns, groups or filter attributes.
  • Finally, this administrative site allows for the entry of KPI (goals) as various levels of the practice including firm, office, department, law type, attorney etc. These goals may include such items as WIP or AR levels, billable hours, billed hours or fees, collections or even rate information. The custom KPI can be consumed in custom dashboards to compare actual data to goals to create variances.


1. Attorney Summary

2. Profit Time Worked

3. Self Service Discovery

4. Comp Assist

5. Self Service Home

6. Profit Variable Cost