The role of maintaining a law firms IT environment is complex and sometimes beyond the capabilities of the local consultant in the area. Computer networks, staff and attorneys working remotely, are under constant threat from server and device attacks, even if most of your applications are in the cloud.

IT as a secondary concern can compromise your firm with data loss, expose confidential information about your clients to others, or allow an employee leaving your firm to take information with them. IT today, must emphasize defensive measures, including multi-layered security, two factor authentication, monitoring, audits, and best practices that are ongoing and proactive.

An IT environment that is slow, not current, or has down time, is far more expensive than the solution to fix it. A network or PC that operates just 20 percent slower than it should, will cost a law firm, hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in lost time and productivity each day when considering salaries, and the costs for existing IT Infrastructure.

Our Managed IT providers can host your applications on site or in secure data centers and can become or share with your existing IT Team.

How Resource Advisors Can Help?

  • In planning meetings, we gather information about your existing billing and bookkeeping process. Infrastructure.
  • We work with your Accountant to help you make the transition to outsourced billing and bookkeeping.
  • We review your existing billing procedures, volume, and bottlenecks in your work process.
  • We gather information about what your existing billing Invoices and Statements look like now, the way you review pre-bills, distribute final bills, and collect monies owed.

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