Outsourced Legal Billing & Bookkeeping services are designed to provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for the ever changing billing and bookkeeping departments face every day. It allows the firm to focus their time on practicing law rather than maintaining staff to perform bookkeeping, reconciliation, reporting and creating invoices. Ever changing staff, salaries, and benefits are replaced by a predictable, reliable, and highly efficient process with dozens of people working on all aspects of your billing, appeals, reporting, bookkeeping and reconciliation – often at less cost than maintaining staff.


  • All services are delivered remotely, and you maintain complete control of all bank and checks which are printed at your site.
  • Staff, simply open files and bill their time.
  • Draft or Pre-Bills are issued on your schedule for review and markup.
  • Bills are edited and sent back to you for distribution and/or emailed directly to your client.
  • Check requests are handled quickly and printed in your office.
  • All checking accounts are reconciled, and reports sent to you or your CPA.
  • We work with your CPA to fulfill any requirements.