ProductTabs3 – Software Technology, LLC – Lincoln, NE.
TypeOn-Premise or Hosted solution with our well known and vetted industry providers.
HighlightsModular and Integrated Time, Billing, Accounting, and Practice Management, with high level customization options, work production, workflows, document assembly, and extensive reporting.
Time in Industry40+ Years with a high level of client retention and satisfaction.
IntegrationsOffice 365; LawPay; NetDocuments; WORLDOX; ODBC; Electronic Billing; Cost Recovery; QuickBooks; Court Rules; Business Intelligence Integration with BIGFish.
Data ConversionTypically, full data conversion of client matter information, custom, fields, A/R, WIP, and client history for a fee.

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Tabs3 is a comprehensive, on-premise, Time and Billing System with a full accounting and practice management suite. The applications are supported from the same company and backed with 40+ years of industry success. Tabs3 provides a deep feature-set across all modules, with tremendous flexibility in the way each law firm chooses to use and customize the interface. Used by solos to midsized and large firms alike, Tabs3 can manage a large workload with vast amounts of data within each department.

The system has hundreds of reports and customization options available to meet the needs of most firms. The accounting suite is full featured with complete audit trails, check writing and reconciliations.

PracticeMaster has the capability to support various practice areas consisting of hundreds of data fields, screens, and workflows. The information can be used to create vast libraries of documents for document assembly.
Tabs3 offers deep integration with Office 365, NetDocuments, WORLDOX, ODBC, Cost Recovery, and an external reporting and dashboard system from BIGFish.


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How Resource Advisors Can Help?

  • If you are an existing user of Tabs3 or PracticeMaster we can provide all aspects of software updates, training, support, or product customization.
  • In meetings and demos, we perform a comprehensive needs analysis that examines your entire billing, accounting, reporting and work process per your requirements and goals.
  • We facilitate all data conversion from prior systems with one of our product experts. We provide detail timelines and expectations of how data will convert, while minimizing interruptions as the system is brought live.
  • We work with your existing vendors to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • We often perform a test conversion, which can be used for training and to fine tune the final conversion.
  • Set up integration between Tabs3, Accounts Payable, General Ledger and Trust Accounting modules, if installed.
  • We work with your CPA or accounting firm to satisfy all requirements and provide special attention to your billing and bookkeeping staff, within your firm during start-up. We work with you as needed during the first few billing cycles and again at year end to make sure you that you have everything you need.
  • In Practice Master, we help design and customize unique fields, screens and reports for each practice area.
  • Work with you to automate calendar functions and integrate with the Outlook Calendar if desired.
  • Design workflows that can trigger an email, a calendar record, a document, another program, or update other fields.
  • Use information contained in PracticeMaster to automate document creation in seconds vs. minutes or hours.
  • Provide targeted group training for various departments in your firm, as well as individual sessions for each user to make sure they are set up the way they want to work, and are able to use the system to its fullest capability.


  • Tabs3 Billing Software is an industry standard for on premise time and billing software.
  • Can be run on your own server, PC, or hosted in the cloud.
  • Virtually unlimited billing rate structures by attorney, staff type and rate tables.
  • Ability to Write Up/Down fees and costs across all matters.
  • Apply payments to multiple matters at once.
  • Ability to mass print and reprint invoices, with delivery by email or paper copy.
  • Extensive ledger histories.
  • Ability to affect mass changes across the entire database to update billing rates and client setup at any time.
  • Over 70 comprehensive reports, on all aspects of productivity and profitability.
  • Sophisticated fee compensation setup reporting.
  • Save fee and cost information in electronic formats required by your clients.
  • Easily submit Tabs3 Billing information for electronic submission, with over 100 file formats available.
  • An electronic case file that organizes each matter’s unique screens, fields, contacts, appointments, emails, documents, fees, and research from a single location.
  • See a timeline of activity for any matter including, emails, documents, fees, appointments, costs, research notes, and more in the Matter Manager. Easily view a billing summary to see what has been billed and paid, including Trust Account Client balances.
  • View appointments by day, week, or month for everyone in your office with a firm-wide calendar, color coded by staff member or activity. Full integration with Outlook® is available.
  • Area of Practice Templates let you change the client entry pages based on matter type, so that all data fields are relevant to the matter and arranged just the way you want them.
  • Instantly see possible Conflicts of Interest with drill-down to the details of each record.
  • Document Management features let you name and file documents for each matter.
  • Use information that you have already entered into PracticeMaster ™ to create commonly used documents in seconds. Embed billing entries and calendar triggers into the document coding to save even more time.
Financial Software

Tabs3 Financial Software Modules are specifically designed to meet the accounting requirements of law firms. With minimal setup and zero workarounds to satisfy most bar associations, you can print financial statements, write checks, reconcile bank statements, and manage client trust accounts in one easy-to-use and fully integrated system. Because Tabs3 Financials are designed to work with Tabs3 Billing, the consistent interface makes the product easy to use and is supported by the same company.

General Ledger

Financial Software

Tabs3 Financial Software Modules are specifically designed to meet the accounting requirements of law firms. With minimal setup and zero workarounds to satisfy most bar associations, you can print financial statements, write checks, reconcile bank statements, and manage client trust accounts in one easy-to-use and fully integrated system. Because Tabs3 Financials are designed to work with Tabs3 Billing, the consistent interface makes the product easy to use and is supported by the same company.

General Ledger
  • Tabs3 General Ledger Software provides insight into your firm’s business with detail and summary financial statements. Create Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Trial Balance, and Journal Reports for you and your accountant. Financial statements for your firm can be created for individual departments and locations.
  • Chart of accounts can be modified to fit your requirements and create budgets for each expense account. The program allows multiple sets of books with unique charts of accounts and fiscal year-ends.
  • Easily reconcile bank statements to cash accounts. Add or adjust journal entries for prior months and import transactions downloaded from your bank’s website or journal entries from PenSoft® Payroll software to make reconciliation easy.
Accounts Payable
  • Track invoices, print checks, and keep a list of all vendors in one place. Track cash requirements, invoice aging, vendor discounts, and voided checks. Automatically enter recurring transactions and summarize vendor payments. See all checks in one easy-to-use check register.
  • Write Checks. Print a batch of checks or use the Print Check feature to print a single check. Record handwritten checks. Print memos on checks. Enter invoices and let APS calculate the vendor discount. Use the partial payment feature to control how much you want to pay and how often. Put invoices on hold to prevent them from being paid until you want them to be paid. Combine multiple invoices from the same vendor on a single check.
  • Integration with Tabs3 and General Ledger. Categorize expenses for General Ledger Software when you enter invoices and checks. Include other Tabs3 information on reports such as the cost information if a cost was assigned through Tabs3 Billing or which General Ledger account was used for the transaction.
Trust Accounting
  • Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software manages trust accounts for your clients accurately and easily with seamless integration with Tabs3 Billing Software, Tabs3 Accounts Payable Software and Tabs3 General Ledger Software, with the same look and feel among all products.
  • When integrated with Tabs3 Billing, trust balances appear on work-in-process reports. Trust transactions or balances can also appear on billing statements. Payments made to your firm from a client’s trust account can automatically record a payment in Tabs3.
  • Track an unlimited number of trust accounts and manage up to 99 different bank accounts. The software warns you when an account goes below a minimum balance, and helps you easily reconcile your bank statements. Print checks, ledgers for individual trust accounts and bank accounts, and IRS 1099 forms. You can also process client deposits via credit card (merchant account required, click here for more details).


1. Full Billing, Accounting & Practice Management Suite, offers a deep feature set within each application. Choose the modules you need to meet your requirements.

2. The Tabs3 Dashboard keeps many key performance figures front and center with drill down capability.

3. The Billing Manager allows you to perform most billing functions for a single matter from one place.

4. Create highly customizable Pre-Bills and Final Bills based on client and firm requirements.

5. Email bills to clients using customizable templates that you can modify before sending, with a PDF attached.

6. Get paid faster by sending your client a unique payment link to pay by credit card or e-check, with an option to save the payment method.

7. Tabs3 offers dozens of productivity and profitability reports with many customization options.

8. An electronic case file organized by matter. Customize the interface specifically for your firm to bring relevant case information together in a unified system.

9. The PracticeMaster Dashboard gives you a view of the Calendar and Tasks ahead. Easily Recap your hours and perform other commonly used functions from one place.

10. Optional two-way calendar synchronization with Outlook makes managing the docket a cinch. Events and Tasks are organized by matter to help you avoid missed deadlines. Easily convert your time from the Calendar.

11. The Matter Manager brings all fees, costs, emails, case notes, docket and case contact information to one place. Easily capture time entries from here.

12. Fields from PracticeMaster can be easily merged into commonly used document templates in seconds. Fee & Calendar records can be automatically added to further streamline your process.

13. Conflict of Interest capability in PracticeMaster is second to none. Case information, contacts, notes, emails, the content from documents can be searched in seconds with drill down capability to view potential conflicts.

14. Tabs3 Financial Software Modules are specifically designed to meet the accounting requirements of law firms with minimal setup and zero workarounds to satisfy most bar associations.

15. The Tabs3 Trust Accounting Dashboard keeps you up to date on the latest transactions and provides quick access to common tasks.

16. Trust Accounting details can be included on billing statements and is customizable at the client and matter level.

17. The Tabs3 Accounts Payable Dashboard provides quick insight into vendor payments and provides quick access to common tasks.

18. Client related advances from Accounts Payable can be automatically created in Tabs3.

19. The Tabs3 General Ledger Dashboard provides quick insight into the firm’s accounts and provides quick access to common tasks.

20. Tabs3 offers tremendous flexibility on how each firm will structure their chart of accounts.