• A DMS incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, output systems, and information retrieval systems, in addition to storing, controlling, and tracking documents.
  • A forward-looking DMS solution goes above and beyond this standard definition, expanding to provide greater collaboration and work productivity.
  • Organizations can look forward to cost savings, increased productivity, and streamlined operations. Internal costs are managed and become predictable by digitally organizing a firm’s files in a single, central location.
  • A DMS not only reduces paper and storage costs but also decreases the labor required to file and store important information.
  • A cloud-based DMS offers additional cost savings as it removes hardware needs and reduces the strain on IT resources. A cloud-based DMS also enables more flexibility in where and how people work (e.g. remote and mobile work).
  • A DMS makes it much easier for staff to locate and govern documents through sophisticated search, tagging, and profiling. These features dramatically decrease the time staff spend locating documents.
  • A Robust DMS typically offer secure internal and external collaboration tools that make it easier to work on content within a firm and across clients.

How Resource Advisors Can Help?

  • In demos and planning meetings we ask the right questions and weigh system capabilities with requirements that are unique to you.
  • We review your existing document structure and document counts for an accurate migration estimate.
  • We evaluate your existing document management, delivery process, and more.
  • We help you develop security profiles for document cabinets, users and departments within your firm.
  • We facilitate all data conversion from prior systems with one of our product experts. We provide detail timelines and expectations of how data will convert while minimizing interruptions as the system is brought live.
  • We provide targeted group training for various departments in your firm, to make sure everyone can use the system to its fullest capability.