You can use the best software and technology in the business, but unless an expert plugs the holes in your billing, accounting, and practice management processes, a law practice can expect to lose tens of thousands of revenue year after year.

How Resource Advisors Can Help?

  • In demos and planning meetings we ask the right questions and weigh system capabilities with requirements that are unique to you.
  • We review existing billing procedures, volume, and bottlenecks in your work process, and help you improve all of it.
  • We gather information about existing Invoices and Statements formats, the methods used to review pre-bills, distribute final bills and collect monies owed.
  • We learn about your practice areas, understand your work process, and develop best-in-class automations to reduce the time spent and costs, moving forward.
  • We help with reporting requirements and what you can expect from the new system out of the box, and bring in highly automated custom solutions when warranted.
  • Our time with you results us learning more about how to best train and fully support you with far better results and outcomes than you will find in product videos, chat rooms and company technical support.